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US ethane reaches Scotland, exports to Sweden expected by month’s end

HOUSTON, September 20, 2016 (PCW) – US ethane exports have reached Scotland and more will hit Sweden by next month, according to maritime data. So far, US ethane has only been exported to Norway.

The JS Ineos Insight arrived at the port of Scapa Flow in Scotland on Tuesday, where it is likely to be transported to Ineos’ Grangemouth cracker. The plant has a total capacity of 700,000 mt/yr (1.54 billion lbs/yr).

Meanwhile, the JS Ineos Inspiration is bound for Enterprise Product Partners’ new ethane terminal in Morgan’s Point after leaving Stenungsund, Sweden, last week.

Austrian firm Borealis has also inked deals to lift US ethane for use at its crackers in Sweden and Finland. Borealis had stated last month that it expected its ethane exports to be delayed until 3Q 2017, citing delays at Marcus Hook.

Each vessel can carry about 265,000 bbls of ethane. -- Samantha Hartke

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