PetroChem Wire Publications and Services

PetroChem Wire covers the entire US petrochemical spectrum, from NGLs to the finished plastic resins (both prime grade and recycled plastic). It also covers refined products that relate to key petrochemicals, as well as economics for chemical and refining processes.

Our publications and services are designed to meet every need, from real-time text messages, to daily and weekly newsletters, to time-series data products.

Here's a list below. Click on the publication heading for expanded information and sample issues.

NGLs, Monomers and Polymers

Daily PetroChem Wire

PetroChem Wire is our flagship publication. It contains daily information on prices for NGLs, monomers and polymers. Includes forward curves for 12 products/locations, confirmed transactions, month-to-date averages and a comprehensive plant status list.

Daily Midday Update

The Midday Update provides the latest information on ethylene cash costs. It also contains news briefs, key ratios of ethylene and propylene prices against crude oil, ethane and propane, and ethylene cash-cost forward curves.

NGLs Week

PetroChem Wire's comprehensive summary of price trends, upstream and downstream costs, operations news and supply/demand forecasts.

This Week in Ethylene

PCW's summary of price trends, operations news, upstream and downstream costs, global indicators and exports.

This Week in Propylene

A comprehensive summary of spot price trends, contract news, operations news for FCCs, PDH units and splitters

Polypropylene Weekly

Weekly price and market trends for polypropylene, including FOB, domestic, and recycled spot prices, for the US and Europe

Polyethylene Weekly

The Polyethylene Weekly is a review of price movements, feedstock trends, operations and news.

Benzene - PS Weekly

The Benzene - PS Weekly is PetroChem Wire's comprehensive summary of spot price trends, contract news, operations news for aromatics, styrene, polystyrene and more.

Weekly PVC & Pipe Report

The PVC & Pipe Report is published every Friday afternoon and provides North American PVC prices for pipe and GP grades.

Real-Time SMS Text Messaging Service

Our SMS Text Messaging Service provides you with crucial market intelligence throughout the day, such as spot market deals as well as contract, operations and company news--straight to your mobile phone.

Refinery Economics

Daily Refinery Focus

The Daily Refinery Focus is where chemicals and refining economics intersect. This report gives insight into the US gasoline, blendstock and feedstock markets – and relates them to chemicals.

Recycled Plastics and PET

Weekly Recycled Plastics Report

The Weekly Recycled Plastics Report covers prices on the fast-growing market for recycled plastics.

Historical Prices and Plant Data

Data Link Data Retrieval Site--for individuals and small companies

Data Link is our browser-based data-download tool. Subscribers can have access to a single data point or our entire range of data.

Data Retrieval API--for larger companies

For larger companies, PetroChem Wire offers our proprietary XML-based data delivery system. Companies can use this service to integrate our data into their data hubs.

Chemical Plants Database

The Chemical Plants database offers exhaustive capacity, location and product specification information on petrochemical plants in North America.

Pipeline System and Plant Maps

System Maps

PetroChem Wire publishes acclaimed pipeline system maps for:

Maps are available in either full color printed format, suitable for wall hanging, or as PDF files for your computer or iPad.

Plant Maps

See all PVC suppliers and PVC pipe manufacturers with this wall map.

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