Daily Refinery Focus

The Daily Refinery Focus is where chemicals and refining economics intersect. This report, which grew out of the former PCW Propylene Focus that we launched in 2009, gives deeper insight into the US gasoline, blendstock and feedstock markets – and relates them to chemicals. The Focus is a "must read" for anyone watching downstream commodity markets that have any relationship to refineries.

The newsletter has 40 daily prices including alkylate, reformate, raffinate, VGOs, toluene, xylene and more. We also cover gasoline prices, crack spreads and implied economics such as cumene formula prices and RGP's alky value. Customers purchasing our data product will also receive another 30 price points including calculated blend values.

Robert Sharp, a recognized expert on refining logistics, is the editor of the report.

Here are just some of the prices we cover in this report:

The Daily Refinery Focus is available as a daily PDF file and as a direct data feed from PetroChem Wire.

For subscription information, please contact:

 Cindy Bryan, PetroChem Wire Director of Sales and Marketing, at Cindy@petrochemwire.com or (281) 893-3433.

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